Here’s what we eat and what we avoid. Eat food that your grandmother would recognize as food.

Meats: beef, chicken, pork, fish, BACON! Sugar of any kind (high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose, maltose, many other names)
(from grass-fed cows, we like Kerrygold)
Eggs Starches (potatoes, rice, corn, pasta, cereal, cookies, muffins, crackers, etc)
Whole fat milk & cheeses Vegetable oils (sunflower, canola, safflower, cottonseed, soybean, corn)
Nuts: macadamias, almonds, pecans, walnuts All grains, including “whole” grains (wheat, rye, oats, corn, bread — anything made with wheat)
Olive oil, coconut oil
Dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher)
Berries (low in sugar)
Low carb veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, summer squash, cabbage

Real Food