Neil lives in England. The NHS (National Health Service, UK’s health care system) failed him with the old dietary guidelines, just like many U.S. docs are doing with their patients.

You can read Neil’s story below, here’s a summary.

  • Losing weight in 2013 on a “healthy low fat diet”
  • Despite the weight loss he discovered he was T1 diabetic, learned he would likely die early from a coronary event
  • Doctors said he should further reduce consumption of fat, dairy, meat, etc — and eat more starches/carbs
  • Started taking insulin (and statins for cholesterol), weight started coming back, muscle aches
  • Following the NHS diet, he was eating 120-200 grams of carbs and injecting up to 40 units of insulin per day
  • Started researching online, found the work of, Zoe Harcombe, Ivor Cummins, Trudi Deakin, Tim Noakes, Dr Richard Bernstein — realized he should not be eating what was recommended
  • Cut the carbs from his diet, started eating about 70% fat, stopped taking statins, muscle aches gone, glucose numbers stabilizing
  • Lost 145 lbs, no longer needs insulin, has lots more energy, healthy BMI of 23.5