The Chocolate Cheerios Miracle: prevent heart disease by eating breakfast candy!

33% of the contents is added sugar, the rest is mostly starch. Ingredients include sugar, corn syrup, canola oil, artificial color. Perfect for anyone seeking obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and a variety of other metabolic ills.

How do they claim it “may reduce the risk of heart disease”? — because it is low fat. But low fat does not prevent anything. The goal is to keep people scared of fat while loading them up on sugar and refined carbohydrates, which is exactly what is making people fat and sick.

This is the kind of thing still being recommended by government and health “authorities” around the world. Why? Because we have a politically powerful medical industry that profits from a sick population. There’s no money in healthy people or dead people — the financial sweet spot is in chronic illness.

Eat real food.