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Chris Froome cut carbs & won the Tour de France

Chris Froome just won his third Tour de France title in four years.

“His success can be put down to a massive loss in weight, helping to explain his improvement from also-ran to Tour de France winner,” William Fotheringham at The Guardian noted.

“The engine was there all along,” Jeroen Swart, a sports physician and exercise physiologist at the University of Cape Town, told Richard Moore for Esquire. “He just lost the fat.”

As Froome told Kimmage: “In the Vuelta that year (2011), I think my muscles were probably lighter. I was quite gangly. You wouldn’t look at me and say, ‘That’s someone who’s strong.’ Whereas now, my diet is a lot more protein based. I’ve cut back on carbs completely but I’m not losing muscle.”

See the post at Business Insider.

Chris Froome

LCHF & Dairy

Nick lives in Finland and started doing LCHF in the fall of 2012, and after a few weeks of successful weight loss he hit a plateau (points B to C on the chart). He was still overweight but had stopped losing. After some experimentation he tried removing all dairy from his diet, and the weight loss resumed. Turned out that the dairy had knocked him out of ketosis. Some people do fine with dairy, so it’s worth exploring some changes if you are not getting the results you want. Nick went from 107kg (236 lbs) to 89kg (196 lbs)  — a total of 40 lbs dropped.

  • A-B: initial weight loss phase, strict LCHF including dairy products.
  • B-C: “plateau” phase, as above.
  • C-D: continued weight loss after dropping ALL DAIRY products with exception of clarified butter.

Nick’s story can be seen at his blog,  LIHF (Low Inflammation, High Fat) Living.

LCHF & Dairy

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