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Keto for beginners

ketoIf you are considering a LCHF / keto approach, a good resource to start with is “A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners” on the website.

Introduction to keto, benefits, what to eat, ketosis, side effects, and much more are there for you to become acquainted with a lifestyle that is transforming the health of many people.

Scroll down the linked page and read up on the benefits of Ketosis: weight loss, improved mental focus, T2 diabetes reversal, increased physical endurance, and improved metabolic syndrome.

Keto & Metabolic Syndrome

From a study by Forsythe, et al in 2008 — “Comparison of Low Fat and Low Carbohydrate Diets on Circulating Fatty Acid Composition and Markers of Inflammation” — link to study on

This study found that a low carb / high fat ketogenic diet showed improvements in markers of metabolic syndrome, including reduced inflammation.

  • Body mass = lower
  • Abdominal fat = lower
  • Triglycerides = lower
  • Fasting glucose and insulin = lower
  • HDL (“good” cholesterol) = higher
  • Total saturated fatty acids (SFA) in the blood = lower

How can this be? Because on a carb-restricted diet, the fat you eat does not metabolize into body fat. In the absence of glucose (from carbs), dietary fat is burned as energy — as is body fat, and several important health markers improve as a result.


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