Health Industry BS

This is from Today’s Dietitian Magazine (“The Magazine for Nutrition Professionals”) recommending Hershey’s chocolate milk because … It’s what an athlete needs.

29 grams of sugar. No athlete needs that.

Chris Froome cut carbs & won the Tour de France

Chris Froome just won his third Tour de France title in four years.

“His success can be put down to a massive loss in weight, helping to explain his improvement from also-ran to Tour de France winner,” William Fotheringham at The Guardian noted.

“The engine was there all along,” Jeroen Swart, a sports physician and exercise physiologist at the University of Cape Town, told Richard Moore for Esquire. “He just lost the fat.”

As Froome told Kimmage: “In the Vuelta that year (2011), I think my muscles were probably lighter. I was quite gangly. You wouldn’t look at me and say, ‘That’s someone who’s strong.’ Whereas now, my diet is a lot more protein based. I’ve cut back on carbs completely but I’m not losing muscle.”

See the post at Business Insider.

Chris Froome

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